Who are we

The company EXICOM Ltd. was founded in 1994 and ranks among the best known transport service providers in the Czech Republic.

We are recognized as a reliable partner among many of its clients throughout Europe. Having its own transport capabilities supplemented with comprehensive services in the fields of transportation, delivery and warehousing, the company is equipped to meet the exacting requirements of its customers.

The quality of the services provided has been underscored by ISO 9001 certification since 2003. We specialize in countries in central and Western Europe, including England, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Balkan nations. Our consultancy services that include logistical solution projects answer to our customers´ needs. We provide services related to warehousing, handling of material and assembly.

The headquarters and main company offices are located at a strategic position in Modřice not far from the Brno Airport, at the intersection of the highways Praha-Ostrava-Bratislava-Wien.

Our vehicles have a capacity of up to 100 m3 and a weight of up to 25 tons. The loading area of the trailers has a utility height of 2.75 – 3 m and a length of 13.64m. All cargoes are properly covered by insurance in compliance with the CMR agreement. The qualifications and integrity of our drivers, together with the equipment in the vehicles, allow us to transport consignments of dangerous goods under the ADR regime, and also goods for transport by air.

We offer transportation services both within and outside the EU. Upon request, we are also able to arrange transport of oversized loads. Our expert team is always ready to offer our customers the optimal solution for their transportation requirements, whether it be by road, sea or railway.

Our aim is to provide professional services at reasonable prices with an emphasis on precision, reliability, flexibility, quality and security. Our agents are ready to take charge of your goods and handle all of the necessary requirements.

Combined transport:
If the customer requires shipment of large-volume goods or overseas delivery, Exicom employees can arrange for transport in combinations such as truck-train, truck-ship, or even truck-airplane if needed. Container transport in not beyond our capabilities either.

Our cooperation with renowned international partners enables us to deliver your shipments to all large transshipment stations in Europe, and from there, all the way to the required destination point.

Collection service:
Transport of smaller size shipments is provided by vehicles of 1.5 – 15 tons of utility weight, or by loading of a number of shipments into one vehicle. We will deliver each of your shipments to the required destination point.